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Thermal insulation and brickwork of equipment and pipelines:

JSC MK CETI carries out a full complex of the works connected with protection of buildings, thermal industrial installations, refrigerating chambers, pipelines from thermal losses by the device of the heat-insulating covers covered from outside with finishing materials. The use of various thermal insulation materials made of mineral and glass wool, thin and super-thin basalt, kaolin and glass fibers in the lining of special fabrics allows you to reliably isolate the surface with a temperature range from 60 to 1100℃.  Mounted thermal insulation is covered with a shell of metals (aluminum, galvanized steel, metal) or fiberglass, providing strength and elasticity of the coating.  

Also, the plant performs works on the lining-complex thermal insulation of heat-stressed heating surfaces of water-heating and steam boilers of different capacity-from small heating units to power boilers of thermal power plants. Masonry work is carried out by applying a heat-resistant concrete, refractory brick masonry, can withstand temperatures up to 1700℃.  

Along with traditional "wet" technologies (masonry on heat-resistant solutions and laying of heat-resistant concrete), new methods of "dry" lining of boiler plants with concrete slabs and materials from super-thin basalt and kaolin fibers have been developed and applied. This method reduces the mechanical load on the supporting structure of the boiler frame by significantly reducing the weight of the lining and significantly reduces the installation time.   

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